School Access Family Account
Student Grade Registration


A school access account allows you access to all the tracking tools you need to keep up to date with your child's education.

This allows access to grades, topics covered, performance to date etc. It is your dashboard to oversee and understand your child's progress in the current (and previous) school years with Brainfood Academy.

Each Family account allows up to 10 students within the same family and caters for all grades.

The school access family account will also be your communication portal with Brainfood Academy.


Brainfood Academy
Our pricing is simple and easy to understand, firstly each family required a School access family account, this account allows up to 10 students from the same family to be enrolled with us. Secondly each student requires a student grade registration account to access resources, live classes, recorded sessions etc.


Here you will find some of the most common questions we are asked in regard to account types and features, if you have questions that are not answered below please do not hesitate to contact us.

1.What is a family account?

A School family account allows you to manager your household students, it allows you to keep track of grades, view curriculum and syllabus items, stay on top of homework, manage billing and registrations. Consider this the equivalent of a school office, with immediate access to answer your most pressing concerns immediately.

2. Do I need a seperate family account for each of my children?

No, each child in your household or family is managed under the same family account. So whether you have 1 child or 10 the family account fee remains the same. We do limit the number of children per family account at 10, but if you find yourself in a situation where this is not enough, please contact us to discuss.

3. Can i add additional children to my family account?

As above your account will cater for up to 10 children, so yes you are free to add additional children to your account any time you please.

4. What is the student grade registration

Each student registered at Brainfood Academy requires a student grade registration. First and foremost this registers them in their particular grade and opens up resources for them in that particular grade.

4. What is included when i register my child for a grade?

Education always changes, and so do we. The student registration opens up a plethora of student resources, these include but are not limited to the following. - Live Classes taught by qualified teachers for all subjects your child may be undertaking
- Recorded Classes, if your child by chance misses a lesson or didn't entirely follow the content they have the ability to watch a video recording of the class at their convenience. - Questions & Answers, in a real world brick and mortar classroom children can often be hesitant to ask questions. In our classrooms students may ask live questions, or they may send a message online (zoom or email etc.) and have their question answered by either the teacher directly or in some cases a teachers assistant, - Homework & Resource items, Yes we assign homework, these items will be released to your child's dashboard and marked by a real teacher with valuable feedback provided throughout. Also if your child wishes to refine their understanding we have ample resources which can be released by the teacher for your child. - Worksheets & activity ideas, as a parent you understand your child's education is important, but you also understand education goes beyond the classroom. We have created in excess of 50,000 education related items and ideas to further expand your child's mind. - Grading, to understand a child's progress it is important that we as teachers track your child's progress and also inform you of their understanding. Homework and assignments are delivered online via the student portal and returned in the same manner, both you and your child will receive grades & marks as you would in any other school.

5. MY Child has falleN behind at school, what do i do?

As mentioned above, we have ample resources and many skilled teachers that will be able to assist, in many cases the lack of understanding or falling behind simply comes down to the delivery method and explanation by the teacher. We can assist either within the classroom or we also have the ability provide private tutoring for your child (additional fees will apply). We have teachers who are ready to assist your child at any time.

5. IM Bad at math, can you teach my child?

Yes, while your child may be registered for a full academic year (including all subjects) and you are confident and well equipped to teach your child in many of those subjects we encourage you to do so, it creates an amazing bond between child and parent that no school can ever replace. If by chance there are some subjects you are not confident in we can absolutely help. Simply register for an account, and let us teach the ones you aren't to sure on. Furthermore if you hit a roadblock at some point you and your child will have access to pre-recorded or live lessons to cover those topics. In this regard consider us the safety blanket, you will always have a resource to fall back on.